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Board Members


Dr Arleen Jones

Arleen Jones is a seasoned realtor, licensed in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Alabama. With over 20 years of experience, she holds top-notch certifications including AHWD, ABR, PSA, and Maryland property management. Arleen also serves as a licensed travel agent, offering a comprehensive service to clients looking to relocate or secure second homes. 


Arleen is a proud mother of two adult children, a doting grandmother to four grandchildren, and a great-grandmother to a beautiful great-granddaughter. Her family is the core of her life, fueling her commitment to creating safe and loving homes for her clients.


Beyond her professional and personal life, Arleen is deeply committed to her community. She serves as the president of the House of Fannie Foundation, a non-profit organization in Washington D.C. She also collaborates with She Wins University, We Care Baltimore, Inc. and works with M. I. Mothers Keeper and Healthy DC and Me, organizations devoted to supporting community members facing mental health challenges.  


Arleen's dedication to her clients, family, and community underscores her resilience, ethical work, and unwavering commitment to creating positive change. With Arleen, you get more than a realtor – you get a community advocate, a dedicated partner, and a caring individual


Dr Melvin Henson

My name is Melvin Henson I am the CEO of Tiffany’s Inspection Services & Community Builders Coalition. I have been in business over thirty years with multiple educational credentials.

I am dedicated to improving the lives of others as have been demonstrated in my life. Throughout my career and person life I have actively supported various humanitarian efforts, including involvements in organizations such as, Special Olympics and multiple community housing associations. I’ve generously contributed my professional talents, time and resources to making life changing impact for our community.

In addition to my professional efforts, I have been deeply committed to supporting unhoused families by providing personal daily resources such as meals and clothing. I have also supported youth mentor-ship programs. This includes heightening awareness of male health issues, personal development/responsible decision making and positive self- esteem. While giving lectures, presentations and presence.

My extensive humanitarian service exemplifies my dedication to making a difference and contributing to the betterment of society. I’m honored to be considered for an honorary humanitarian degree, which would validate and recognize my community work. I look forward to continuing my journey of service to our community. While sitting on multiple Boards in our communities like NEHI (Northeast Housing Initiative) I was able to make difference in our community.


Dr Kenya Malone

Mrs. Kenya Malone, a Nonprofit Executive, Accountant, Financial Coach, Community Advocate & Radio host has well over 19 years of experience empowering the community through various platforms. Mrs. Malone’s pride and joy is changing and cultivating lives by sharing various resources on air and in workshop settings. 


Currently, Mrs. Kenya Malone hosts a podcast segment called, “Krunch Time”. This  “Krunch Time Podcast” will be soon to be streaming on all podcast streaming platforms. 

As a Community Advocate and Co-Coordinator  of The Hurtt Fathers Advocacy program, Mrs. Kenya helps facilitates programs for fathers such as job readiness, budgeting, entrepreneurship, health & wellness, and providing housing resources.  


Mrs. Kenya has been working tirelessly empowering youth and families in Baltimore City and surrounding area through We Care Baltimore, Inc. an organization that has been serving the community since October 2003.  


Mrs. Kenya Malone’s love for the art is second to none. Mrs. Malone has worked with various celebrities. She interviewed several celebrities to name a few, Dru Hill, Dem Franchise Boys, and coordinated events that exposed our youth to different genres of music and art forms since 2005.  Mrs. Malone believes in educating and empowering her listening audience. She brings to her audience edutainment (education + entertainment) as a way to keep them captivated and motivated in a fun interesting way.
Although Mrs. Malone is the owner/proprietor of BM Human & Financial services LLC, she also works for University of Maryland, Baltimore as an Accounting & Financial professional.  Her entity includes services such as financial consulting, credit restoration, tax preparation, life insurance, investments, PRP (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program) counseling, and more to come. Mrs. Malone also can be heard and seen working with Delegate Carl Jackson of District 8 in Baltimore County, as his treasurer.  


Kenya Malone is a true Humanitarian. For over 10 years, Kenya Malone served at First Charity Baptist church as the leader of their homeless/community outreach initiatives. She positively impacts and touches the lives of so many. She is a change agent on the move that is continually striving for greatness in her life, the community, and the initiatives that she is committed to. Kenya is truly committed and dedicated to making a difference.


Bishop Dr. Michael E. Watson Jr.

Bishop Dr. Michael E. Watson Jr. Gods anointed son, teacher, theologian, seminar leader, radio host, community activist & author shares a message of hope, healing, and reconciliation through preaching, evangelizing, teaching, empowering, and reaffirming believers faith.
Bishop Dr. Michael E. Watson Jr. accepted the call to the gospel ministry at the age of twelve in 1980 and was ordained in 1982 at the age of fourteen by his late great uncle Bishop Edward W. Stancil. He was later consecrated to the Episcopal office of Bishop in 1996 by Apostle Huie L. Rodgers And to the Office of Archbishop in 2021 by River of Healing Fellowship Ministries.
Bishop Dr. Michael E. Watson Jr. received his education from Edmondson-Westside High School in June 1987. Later he obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Seminary and College in May 1989, a Masters of Divinity from Howard University in 1993 where Dr. Watson is grateful for his Late Cousin Reginald F. Lewis philanthropist, Businessman, Lawyer, and author of “Why should white guys have the fun” who paved the way for Dr. Watson Jr. and paid it forward by investing in his tuition with specific grade measurement, an investment that changed the life of Dr. Watson. He later furthered his education and received his Doctorate of Divinity from the Institute of Convergence studies in May 2021.   Dr. Watson  wrote his dissertation on “The effects of religion in today’s society.”
Dr. Watson is active on numerous boards and associations. He serves on We Care Baltimore, Inc. He is an Ambassador with the Maryland Chapter of GSFE, Global Society of Female Entrepreneurs. 

Lastly, Dr. Watson's passion for cooking is displayed at Home Again where he is the Chef for Dr. Matthew L. Jones.  Also, Dr. Watson  Instructs and proctors  chefs the
Serv Safe Food Safety Manager course. Dr. Watson also writes HAACP plans for organizations as well.


Dr Antoinette Scott

Veteran, Sergeant Antoinette Scott is a Sought After Advisor, speaker, and author who consistently mobilizes and leads efforts toward meeting the  vision, mission, and goals.  Ms. Scott provides expert knowledge in Human Resources which includes  inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others, facilitates cooperation and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts. She too is a Strategic Leader. 


With her vast knowledge and credentials, Ms. Scott sits on the board of Directors for We Care Baltimore, Inc. She is also a Consultant for the entity as well. 


Scott holds several credentials and degrees.  She is a Notary and an Insurance Producer. She is a serial entrepreneur who empowers and equips both veterans and cilivians to live a life of purpose. 


This amazing leader, Veteran Sergeant Antoinette Scott was the first recipient to receive the Purple Heart Award for serving Iraq and being injured.


Dr. Stephanie Poplar

Meet Dr. Stephanie Poplar, a visionary whose life's blend of resilience and empowerment has

touched countless lives. From a childhood in public housing, she defied the odds through

education, enlightenment, and sheer determination.


Today, Dr. Poplar stands as a multifaceted force, weaving her expertise as a non-profit business

developer, radio host, trainer, motivational speaker, and author. Her programs are not just about

inspiration; they're about tangible results, rooted in her own journey and enriched by poetry,

humor, and practical resources.


With a career spanning over 29 years, Dr. Poplar's impact extends far beyond her hometown of

Baltimore. Her charisma and dedication have forged connections with individuals and

organizations nationwide. From collaborating with prominent figures like former Baltimore City

Police Commissioner Chief Hamm to shaping non-profit development alongside CEO Edwin

Avent, her influence is undeniable.


Academically accomplished, Dr. Poplar holds an M.A. in Legal, Ethical & Historical Studies, a

B.A. in Government & Public Policy, and an A.A. in General Studies. Beyond degrees, she holds

licenses in Maryland Real Estate Sales and life and health insurance, leveraging them to

empower others in homeownership and wealth creation.


Yet, Dr. Poplar's true strength lies in her ability to connect and share resources across diverse

communities. For over 19 years, she's been a fixture in radio broadcasting, reaching thousands

with her empowering messages on stations like WOLB 1010 AM and Praise 106.1FM.

As the founder of We Care Baltimore, Inc., Dr. Poplar continues to lead initiatives that break

down barriers and foster self-sufficiency. Together with her late mother, Dorothy Mae Holmes-

Geathers, Stephanie trained thousands and made a lasting impact on her community.


Dr. Stephanie Poplar is not just a leader; she's a beacon of hope, guiding others towards a

brighter, more empowered future.


Jerron Hurtt

Jerron Hurtt is the Coordinator and Visionary of the Hurtt Fathers Advocacy Program. This newly formed program is geared towards empowering men from all walks of life and helping men achieve success. 


Jerron’s passion to coordinate this newly formed program under We Care Baltimore, Inc., a 501 C3 organization, came about as a result of many fathers reaching out to him for guidance and direction. A role model in the viral community, Mr. Hurtt is uplifting men and youth and teaching them how to have a voice in the community. 


Mr. Jerron Hurtt is a Communication professional with several years of experience in communication. From working for NBC, ABC, to HBO, Mr. Jerron Hurtt has become a mover and shaker in his industry. After a successful career, Mr. Hurtt moved back to Baltimore to be with his family. 


After becoming known as Daddy on his social media platform (The Hurtt Twins) for being such a great father, Jerron's focus is to continue to inspire and encourage  other fathers that may be struggling.

Under the leadership of Jerron Hurtt, The Hurtt Father Advocacy program will help fathers with visitation and custody issues, along with providing various resources.  Jerron has millions of Virtual Family (followers) and tons of viral videos showcasing how a man can raise bright loving and intelligent children. 

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